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AMPE 2023: Kevin Zhao of HG Laser

Release Date:2024-01-29 486
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HGLASER is the pioneer and leader of laser industrial application in china. It is the world's leading provider both of laser equipment and intelligent manufacturing solutions, the core subsidiary of the well-known national high-tech listed company HGTECH.


With the deep understanding of the manufacturing industry trend, HGLASER constantly enrich products and solutions, adhere to exploring the integration of automation, informatization, intelligence and manufacturing industry, and provide various industries with laser cutting system, laser welding system, laser marking series, complete sets of equipment for laser texturing, laser heat treatment system, laser drilling machine, Laser and various supporting devices, special laser processing equipment and plasma cutting equipment, as well as the overall construction scheme of automatic production line and smart factory.


HGLASER has actively participated in the wave of modern industry, undertaken a number of national key projects and major scientific and technological research projects in the laser field, and enriched the core of "optical manufacturing" according to market demand and application scenarios. We will enable laser technology to connect with things, promote the efficient connection between things, people and things, and realize barrier free information sharing. Serving scientific and technological innovation, we continue to broaden the boundary between laser and intelligent manufacturing, break through industry barriers, and make laser technology and intelligent manufacturing solutions become advanced tools and concepts to drive human production and enable social services.

Wuhan HG Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd

Kevin Zhao, Vice General Manager

E-mail: kevin_zhao@hglaser.com

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