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Regenerative agriculture addresses food security and climate change

Release Date:2024-02-06 288
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Source: Bayer Crop Science


Bayer Crop Science believes that regenerative practices can reshape global agriculture for the better. The company commits to serving farmers worldwide with pioneering innovation and a long-term focus on farmers' points of view. The Farmer Voice survey supported by Bayer displayed unique and inspiring thoughts on a sustainable future from those who nourish the world. Through collaborations between companies and farmers in regenerative agriculture, a sustainable future for global agriculture can be envisioned in the near future.

The video both manifested regenerative agriculture and displayed Bayer's efforts on regenerative agriculture in China. On Bayer ForwardFarms in Beijing and Shanghai, a comprehensive portfolio of solutions enable visionary farmers to rethink farming, improve productivity, and ensure sustainable agriculture. Meanwhile, the company actively joins hands with food chain partners to set up standards for regenerative agriculture in China and explore the opportunity in China's agriculture sector.



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