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Kiefel at Chinaplas 2024

Source:Kiefel Release Date:2024-04-03 213
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Kiefel presents its KMD 90 Smart with a new automation solution live at Chinaplas 2024

Kiefel is demonstrating at Chinaplas its advanced thermoforming machine the SPEEDFORMER KMD 90 Smart -engineered in Germany and made in China- with its brand-new downstream Smartsleever automation solution. These solutions underline Kiefel’s high-quality and rigorous manufacturing standards at highly competitive prices. Visitors will also experience live demonstrations of packaging production, such as PET lids, at Brueckner Group’s booth H62 in Hall 2.1 from April 23 to 26.



German-engineered equipment for polymer processing with a highly competitive price-performance ratio


Available in China and many other countries, the SPEEDFORMER KMD 90 Smart features state-of-the-art features for efficient production of various types of thermoformed polymer packaging for food and non-food applications, including trays, containers, hinged boxes, pallets, blisters, lids, and technical packaging.


“The key benefits of the KMD 90 Smart include its well-proven performance and process control thanks to servomotor drives for tables, 3rd motion plug assist, film transport, and the stacking solution”, highlights Roger Wang, Regional Director at Kiefel in China. “This advanced technology, together with its fast, efficient heating allows for greater precision and efficiency throughout the production process, resulting in high-quality products and a high production speed of up to 30 cycles/min”.


The KMD 90 Smart offers flexibility for downstream automation thanks to its efficient Down-Stacking, featuring ergonomic adjustable unloading height for products, a large in-line product buffer on the conveyor belt, and cost-effectiveness for product specific equipment as well as stable stacking.


The KMD 90 Smart and the KMD 78 Smart are part of Kiefel’s KMD Smart series. Both machines offer optional CE certification. The KMD Smart series stands out because it is assembled in Brueckner Group’s factory in Suzhou, China, applying Kiefel ́s worldwide engineering standards and quality processes. “Thanks to our unique regional set-up, now including a service platform in Thailand, we are closer to our customers in Asia. Therefore, they benefit from competent and swift local support, shorter delivery times, as well as even faster spare parts availability”, emphasizes Tobias Schöning, Head of Business Development at Kiefel in China.



Smartsleever: new automation solution for higher efficiency


During the live demonstration at Chinaplas, visitors will experience firsthand the new downstream automation equipment which efficiently stacks and sleeves the produced products, in this case, PET lids for soft drinks.


As usual, this system meets Kiefel safety standards and has been designed to satisfy customers’ needs by reducing labor costs and meeting hygiene demands, and therefore increasing overall productivity.



Sustainable packaging solutions – leading the way to recyclability


Additionally, Kiefel is presenting possibilities for moving towards more eco-friendly products by reducing energy and material consumption, and using recycled materials.


One example is its unique patented tooling which allow customers to produce sustainable C-PET and C-PET light cups on SPEEDFORMER KTR series machines. They are a recyclable alternative which can replace PP and PS cups for hot-filling, microwavable or pasteurized applications.



Reliable global support for peak performance


Kiefel, as our customers’ reliable partner from the start, provides customized training programs as well as comprehensive services such as commissioning, health checks, and relocation assistance. With a global network of experienced technicians, Kiefel ensures prompt after-sales support to maximize system availability and productivity.

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