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LEHVOSS Group at Chinaplas 2024

Source:LEHVOSS Group Release Date:2024-04-03 220
Plastics & Rubber Supplier UpdatesApplication FocusSpecial Report
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The LEHVOSS Group at Chinaplas 2024 will present under the motto: “Excellence in Materials” - plastic materials for the quick and economical implementation of demanding projects.

LEHVOSS is presenting its product areas of high-performance compounds and masterbatches at Asia's most important plastics exhibition under the motto “Excellence in Materials”. Exciting concepts and applications for various industries will be presented. The presence of the entire Asian team of experts, supported by top management from Germany, offers trade fair participants the opportunity for an intensive exchange on specific challenges. All of Asia and especially China have grown into an important market for the LEHVOSS Group. This was recently demonstrated by the move to a larger production site in Kunshan.


The focus this year is on materials for innovative bicycles. The main exhibit at this trade fair is a perfect example of how LEHVOSS and its partners turn ideas into reality: The Buddy X1 is an injection-molded frame for an e-bike made from a LUVOCOM® carbon fiber compound. The material specifically developed for the frame has 60% higher rigidity than competing materials and can replace typical epoxy/carbon fiber structures currently widely used in the high-end bicycle market. The frame is fully recyclable and has a carbon footprint reduction of up to 64% compared to an equally recyclable aluminum frame. In February 2024, three e-bikes mastered all challenges in an extraordinary practical test - the Xtreme Tech Expedition, a 1,400 kilometer (900 mile) ride through Morocco led by the well-known adventurer Mike Fuchs, organized by LEHVOSS and supported by many well-known industry partners. Frames and other components made of thermoplastic compounds from LEHVOSS easily withstood all mechanical and weather-related stresses.



In the area of plastic materials for additive manufacturing, the focus this year is on reinforced materials for high-speed printing. The latest generation of filament printers enables significantly higher printing speeds and thus significantly reduces printing costs. This makes the use of 3D printing in the production of final components even more economical. LEHVOSS has developed materials specifically optimized for higher printing speeds and is presenting them at Chinaplas. The materials are characterized by high strength, good surface appearance and easy printability.


The LEHVOSS Masterbatches and Additives business area offers solutions for weight reduction through the use of LUVOBATCH blowing agents and the associated material savings in extrusion and injection molding. Additional advantages of using blowing agents are shorter cycle times and the avoidance of sink marks.


LUVOBATCH offers a broad product portfolio for all common polymers. The masterbatches are easy to dose and can also be used as an endothermic system in food applications - a point that should not be neglected, especially in film extrusion.


AZO-free blowing agents can achieve approx. 24% weight reduction from just 0.1 percent dosage.


Due to increasingly strict production regulations in the area of occupational safety, LUVOBATCH can also offer, among other things, powdered azodicarbonamide as a masterbatch. This means that the blowing agent is bound in a polymer matrix and is therefore, firstly, easier to dose and, more importantly, safer to handle.


Another part of the LUVOBATCH product portfolio is the group of flame retardants, which are characterized by more environmentally friendly, halogen-free masterbatches based on nitrogen, phosphorus, mineral additives, or intumescent systems. These are manufactured on different polymer carriers for the best possible compatibility with the customer's material. The possible uses range from film structures to cables and components with thicker walls. Microducts can also be equipped with the flame protection systems.


“I am excited about our upcoming participation at Chinaplas 2024, which will serve as a central platform for us to showcase our latest advances, build connections and drive innovation. At LEHVOSS we are continually working to expand the boundaries of what is possible in the area of plastic materials. Chinaplas provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase our latest product offerings, ranging from sustainable solutions to cutting-edge technologies tailored to our customers' evolving needs. We are excited to connect with industry experts, share insights, and explore potential collaborations that will drive our collective growth and success. Our team is fully prepared to deliver an exceptional experience at Chinaplas 2024, demonstrating the expertise, innovation and commitment that define LEHVOSS. We look forward to getting in touch with both known and new customers and shaping the future together,” said Xuesong Zhang, Managing Director of LEHVOSS China.

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