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Manufacturing Cloud Sense: Improving Business Management with Cloud ERP

Manufacturing Cloud Sense: Improving Business Management with Cloud ERP

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Release Date:2020-05-04


Just a few years ago, most firms were asking “Why ERP?” and “Why Cloud?” Today, the increasingly important questions about both Cloud and ERP from companies of all sizes and types, in all industries and markets, are “When?” and “How?”

The advent and evolution of Cloud-based ERP has catalyzed the adoption of increasingly powerful business management software among firms that previously did not feel it was useful or practical for a firm of their type or size.

Many companies have made the transition, which begs the questions:

- What drives Cloud ERP adoption today, including by smaller and mid-size manufacturing firms that traditionally have not taken advantage of ERP

- The business "triggers" that drive these firms toward Cloud ERP

- What to look for in solutions and providers in order to maximize the business value that can be accomplished

Download this report from Saugatuck Technologies, a respected independent research/advisory firm which analyzes why small and mid-size manufacturing companies made the decision to move their ERP solutions to the cloud, and documents their satisfaction with the results after the transition. It also provides guidance about what to look for in cloud-based ERP solutions and providers.

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