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International Metalworking News for Asia

6 Issues per Year

Publishing language:English

International Metalworking News for Asia

In this edition of International Metalworking News for Asia, we feature a diverserange of articles that highlight groundbreaking developments in varioussectors of the manufacturing and technology industries.

Starting on page 10 with "Enterprise Close-up," Jake Farragher, GeneralManager- Asia at ANCA CNC Machines, provides a deep dive into the innovativefeatures of ANCA's MX7 ULTRA. This state-of-the-art machine stands out in thepremium ULTRA range, pushing the boundaries of precision engineering for theproduction of cutting-edge tools.

Proceed to page 15 for a closer look at the evolving landscape of manufacturingin South East Asia, Wai Yip Lee, General Manager of Hurco (S.E Asia) Pte Ltd.shares insights into the strategic initiatives undertaken to empower CNC usersand successfully navigate the challenges posed by this dynamic industry.

The "Dialogue" section on page 12 brings you Judy Chang, Global Sales DirectorSales Division at Techman Robot Inc., as she discusses how TM Robot isrevolutionising industrial automation in Thailand with the TM Al Cobot S Series.Under Judy Chang's leadership, Techman Robot is committed to showcasing thisinnovative solution as a game-changer in the field.

Flip to page 18, where Kevin Zhao, Vice General Manager of HGLASER,explores the future of manufacturing. Highlighting Wuhan HG Laser EngineeringCo.. Ltd. (HGLASER) as a trailblazer, Kevin discusses the company's leadershiprole in laser industrial applications in China, contributing to the continuousevolution of the manufacturing landscape.


The "Tooling & Workholding" feature on page 20 spotlights Kenturn IndustrialCo., Ltd., a consistent standout in precision manufacturing. With expertise inspindle and tool development, design, manufacturing, and sales, Kenturn plays apivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.


Turning our attention to "Software & Control" on page 23, we examine the roleof the energy industry as the driving force behind decarbonisation. With a focuson expanding the use of renewable energies, decarbonising heat generation,implementing smart grids, sector coupling, and mobility solutions, Energy 4.0 issteering the industrial transformation towards carbon neutrality.


Lastly, on page 26, Nikon lMBU unveils the cutting-edge VoXLs 30 series.revolutionising X-ray CT Systems for non-destructive inspection. This latestoffering from Nikon lMBU underscores their commitment to pushing theboundaries of technology, providing advanced solutions for non-destructivetesting in various industries.


We trust you will find this edition both informative and enlightening as we exploreand celebrate the latest advancements and trends shaping the future of thesedynamic and ever-evolving industries.

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