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Automotive Manufacturing & Design for China

6 Issues per Year

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Automotive Manufacturing & Design for China

Ringier's Automotive Manufacturing & Design for China, in an editorial partnership with Germany's Automotive Electronics &Systems by Hanser, and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, has been providing China' automotive industry withcomprehensive news about technological breakthroughs, innovative materials, new applications and rapidly evolving trends foralmost a decade. Autonomy 5G connecting. in every issue we focus on important matters for motor vehicles manufacturers anddesigners, such as engineering developments, new technologies, processes, components, materials and design. A major focus isElectric Vehicles, Autonomous Driving, interconnectivity & Hydrogen Powered Vehicles. From lightweighting processes, such aslaser wielding and friction-stir wielding, innovative cutting technologies for dealing with ultrahigh strength steel to aluminum bodypanels and its innovative substitutes. We are the leading industrial media in China, not because of our highly popular printmagazine or multiple digital channels, but because we understand the relations between manufacturers, designers andengineers and importance of providing comprehensive solutions that would engage them al. we offer the most effectivecommunication package for the machinery, materials, software and electronic suppliers to the OEMs, T1&2 suppliers in theautomotive industry E-Newsletters including plastics in Automotive.

The print and interactive digital magazines, along with a dedicated vertical website, Apps with video linksmonthly e-Newsletters, and WeChat provides provide up-to-date information. Automotive Manufacturing &Design for China offers the most effective communication package for the machinery, materials, software and electronic suppliers to the OEMs, T1&2 suppliers in the automotive industry E-Newsletters including plastics inAutomotive.

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