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Guill Rheology Lab now available as a commercial service

Guill Tool recently announced its state-of-the-art rheology lab which provides faster turnaround on test results.

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesQuality & Safety

2023-12-11 Guill Tool & Engineering, Co., Inc.

Product carbon calculator for scope 3 emission goals

Avient Corporation introduces PCF Calculator, developed to evaluate the carbon footprint of Avient’s specialized and sustainable material solutions.

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesFeatured Products

2023-12-11 Avient

Navigating food fraud: a decade on from the horsemeat scandal

Following the launch of the new eBook: ‘Supply Chain Resilience: Identifying, planning for and overcoming supply chain challenges’, Richard Leathers, Global Quality Lead at Campden BRI, looks at how businesses can use supply chain resilience to successfully navigate threats such as food fraud.

Food & BeverageFood Safety & Testing Technology Quality & Safety

2023-12-11 Campden BRI

Streamlining maintenance operations in factories reduces downtime and cost

For factories, it can be difficult to secure capital investment budgets to purchase new equipment. It’s one of the reasons why companies are increasingly looking for ways to extend the life of their existing assets, in which maintenance plays an important part.

Food & BeverageFactory Automation Equipment Automation

2023-12-11 Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Business Group

Optimization and cost transparency in sheet metal processing

Optimate's cloud-based software solution for sheet metal processing now features an integrated cost calculation. The new feature allows users to calculate the costs of their sheet metal parts in real time.

MetalworkingMetal Forming Machine Tools Automation

2023-12-11 Optimate GmbH

NEXCOM secures smart factory OT networks with cutting-edge solutions

As Industry 4.0 revolutionizes manufacturing and production, NEXCOM, a global leader in industrial IoT applications, introduces its cutting-edge ISA Series.

Metalworking Automation

2023-12-08 NEXCOM

New Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore to transform production, R&D experience

Hyundai Motor Group opens the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) to accelerate the delivery of the Group's human-centric future mobility vision.

Metalworking Automation

2023-12-08 Hyundai Motor Group

Aluminum Binder Jetting process for mass production

Ricoh also aims to leverage the Additive Manufacturing Network capabilities to digitally transform its process service provision to a wide spectrum of industrial additive manufacturing focused customers

MetalworkingMetal Materials

2023-12-08 Siemens Digital Industries Software

Smart factory at Rittal

The goals of digital transformation in industry are clearly defined. It is about more transparency, knowledge and speed.

MetalworkingIndustrial Robots & Automation Equipment

2023-12-08 Rittal

Workflow in a new dimension

Altair, one of the world's leading computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) companies, has announced the release of HyperWorks 2023.

Metalworking Software & Control

2023-12-08 Altair Engineering

Dry molded fiber phone tray insert

PulPac announces the latest addition to its “Highway Products”: the Dry Molded Fiber Phone Tray Insert.

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesTechnology

2023-12-08 PulPac

Extreme resilience of sustainable materials for e-bike

On an e-bike through North Africa: LEHVOSS provides evidence of the extreme resilience of sustainable materials as part of the Xtreme-Tech expedition

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesTechnology

2023-12-07 Lehmann&Voss&Co. KG

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