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  • Guangdong BioMax Si & F New Materials Co., Ltd
    Located in Guangdong, BioMax Si&F is a high-tech company specializing in the research, development, production and marketing of silicone and organic fluorine chemicals.   Chen Xianhui and Dr. Huang Jianming founded the company when China opened its doors to the world in 1993.  The two scientists had worked for decades at the forefront of silicone and polymer research and were granted the prestigious National Scientists designation by China’s State Council.  Through the hard work and determination of its founders, BioMax Si&F has grown from a single room facility to a global leader in silicone products In fact, we developed a unique technology for a specific fluoroether rubber invented by Dr. Huang Jianming that was used in the “Shenzhou VI” Space Shuttle launched by China in 2006.  This accomplishment was recognized by the National Aeronautics and Space Department of COSTIND and has resulted in numerous military and aerospace contracts. In 2005, we launched a line of silicone based products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields.   We are now the most successful GMP high technology firm in Guangdong specializing in the design, production and sales of silicone based pharmaceutical excipients and intermediaries. Our company has developed hundreds of innovative products for use in shampoos, electronics, power transmission, medical equipment as well as other industries.  Additionally, our products are increasingly used in the fields of renewable energy, environmental protection and oil exploration.   We are not only committed to creating high quality products but we strive to ensure they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.   And our production facilities meet all ISO 9001 certification standards. In China we have a saying “Stones from other hills may serve to polish Jade.”   At BioMax Si&F, we participate in scientific and business exchanges with colleagues from many countries.  And we continue to expand our presence at international tradeshows and exhibitions around the globe.   We truly recognize the importance of our international partners and we strive to create a relationship built on trust and mutual benefit.  At BioMax Si&F we will continue to move forward in an environment of innovation, enterprise and trust. More
  • Changzhou Huituo Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Since its foundation in 2010, Huituo has set up customer-centric R&D, processing, manufacture, marketing and sales system. As one of the leading intelligent capping and smart packaging manufactures, Huituo is committed to meeting the industry specific needs with a high degree of accuracy and many options to choose from. Huituo is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, one-hour train to Shanghai. All of our machines comply with international quality standards and CE certificate, and are well received all over the world. We have got 100+ invention patents and utility model patents. We deliver specialised machines (filling, capping and labelling, as well as complete production lines) custom-made for our clients’ needs: from the design stage to the machine’s completion. The whole process from design, production and assembly takes place in our plant. The annual output is 100-150 sets, 30% of which are exported. Huituo packing machine is used to work on different productions, with a speed range that can vary from 20 bottle per minute(bpm) up to 200bpm for pump cap and 300bpm for screw round cap. Anyone can find the most suitable packing solution from Huituo. From individual machines to complete lines, Huituo can turn your application into reality. Huituo equipment is complemented by a comprehensive after-sales service portfolio that deals with the entire asset life cycle, from pre-sales to end-of-life support.At present, well-known companies that have reached strategic cooperation with Huituo include: Unilever, P&G, L'Oreal, Reckitt Benckiser, SC Johnson, Liby, Nice, Blue Moon, Mary Kay, etc. HistoryIn 2010, Huituo was establishedIn 2011, the first domestic lotion pump capping machine was successfully developedIn 2015, the lotion pump intelligent capping machine won the honor of the first (set) major equipment in Jiangsu ProvinceIn 2016, the self-developed servo intelligent lotion pump capping machine officially entered RB and put into productionIn 2017, the first flow meter filling machine and high-speed pump capping machine were launchedIn 2018, the digital servo capping machine won the honor of the first (set) major equipment in Jiangsu ProvinceIn 2019, the industry-leading corrosive liquid filling and capping packaging line was successfully developedIn 2020, cooperated with Roche for the first time on the entire pharmaceutical filling lineIn 2021, the first time to cooperate with a century-old German company on the whole food filling lineMore
  • Guangzhou Startec Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
    Guangzhou Startec Science & Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, which is dedicated to producing fine and speciality Chemicals. Startec is committing to developing and producing surfactant, synthetic esters, emulsifiers and functional polymers. It has not only sufficient experience and advanced technology together with strict quality control system of raw materials, finished products and consummate products application service system, but also passed the ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 international system certificate. In 2008, startec was awarded the guangdong high-tech enterprise.Startec has the formidable scientific research strength and rich application service experience, which is approved by most of our customers.More
  • Wuhan Tallyho Biological Product Co., Ltd.
    Wuhan Tallyho Biological Production Co., Ltd, founded in 1996, is one of the most professional research institutions and manufacturers of polypeptide application. It is also the producer of China’s first national standard of polypeptide, namely, China-soybean peptide powder. <br/>It not only has the first professional research institutions on polypeptide application in Asia, but also owns large-scale polypeptide manufacture base, with the accreditations of ISO2001、HACCP、GMP、QS. We have four advanced techniques including compound enzyme directional cascading enzyme digestion technique, establishment and screening technique in functional polypeptides library, functional peptides’ quality control system technique and inspection and evaluation techniques.<br/>Tallyho is committed to the research and promotion of Polypeptide Functional Foods, Skin Foods, Health Foods, Medical Foods and Anti-aging Foods and Anti-aging service, and contributes a lot to the cause of human health and anti-aging. More
  • Schulke & Mayr GmbH Shanghai Representative Office
    Schulke & Mayr is an international leader in the areas of hygiene and prevention of infection, and also in Microbiological Quality Management (MQM) and chemical technical preservation. We supply disinfectants, antiseptics, preservatives, biocides, medical skin care products, an active substance for deodorants, and system cleaners. Thus we offer comprehensive protection against harmful organisms ?whether they be disease pathogens or spoilage organisms. Specialising in solutions for our customers: S&M Hospital: Expertise for specific hygiene management. More and more microorganisms are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Prevention of infection is therefore becoming even more important than before. About a quarter of all hospital-acquired infections could be avoided. For the necessary specific hygiene management we have the longest and most extensive experience in the world. Expert advisors, first-class products and comprehensive service are at your disposal. This serves the patient and increases the economy of the institution. S&M Medical, Dental, Beauty: Focus on day care. Hygiene and Quality Management protects the practice team and the patients against infections. In medical practices, out-patient surgery departments, and in the day clinic, specific measures serve to prevent infection. Special instruments and equipment in dental practices and dental laboratories make special demands of hygiene preparations. In medical chiropody practices, nail design studios, cosmetic and hairdressing salons, piercing and tattoo parlours the requirements of hygiene legislation must be taken into account. Schulke & Mayr has tips and highly effective products for every area. Professional hygiene gives patients and clients the assurance that they are in good hands. S&M Industrial Hygiene: Systematic Quality Assurance. An organisation cannot afford complaints, returns and spoilage of the foods, cosmetics and medicinal products that it produces. In addition to financial constraints, legislative regulations require systematic production and personal hygiene. We offer the complete solutions for industrial hygiene, from food processing to the manufacture of sterile medicinal products. Systematic quality assurance includes personnel, production, planning, training, control and documentation. We supply the right disinfectants and are familiar with the requirements regarding work processes, premises, machines and apparatus.. S&M Special Additives: As little as possible ?as much as is necessary. Many products and manufacturing processes are water-based, and provide microorganisms with ideal conditions for growth. This can have damaging consequences in industries such as the cosmetics, household products, coatings and metalworking industries: products spoil, the health of employees and users is put at risk, in production processes altered substance properties or biofilms cause malfunctions. To combat these, we develop hygiene strategies together with our customers. Microbiological Quality Management includes personnel, production, planning, training, control and documentation. Our preservatives are adapted to the nature of your end products and to the technical production conditions. We recommend as little as possible ?as much as is necessary.More
  • Hao Ying Machine Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Is a professional manufacturer for cosmetics filling machine. We are established In 1992, our team is making effort in developing and designing cosmetics filling machine. We create many simple and reliable cosmetics filling machines, such as lipstick filling machine, mascara filling machine, loose powder and powder press machine... etc. According to different customer's requirement, we also could design different machines.Our constant goal is keep innovating and improving in order to meet the changeable market.In the multifarious market, we keep growing, stronger and stable. We appreciate our customers who approve and support our machines a lot. Quality and customer oriented are always our top priority policy. We firmly believe that only high-quality machines and perfect after-sale service can keep our company growing continuously in the world market.More
  • Shanghai Oli Enterprises Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai OLI is a modern enterprises company. It mainly produces functional cosmetic materials and pharmaceutical intermediate it passed the test of ISO 9001-2000 International Quality Management System Authentication. In eight years ago, OLI is continuously honored as a Shanghai-Technology Enterprise.In 21 century, Shanghai OLI step on hi-qualitative and international direction. The functional cosmetic additive personal care materials and pharmaceutical intermediate are exported to many area including North America, South America, Europe, Japan, Korea South & East Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The praise is worldwide OLI is appointed as supplier by a few well-known transnational corporations. Depending on strong quality researching power, advanced technology and hi-quality products, OLI obtains more and more approval in cosmetic and medical fields both domestic and overseas.Shanghai OLI will carry on the faith “Seeking best, creating flawless making refinements” OLI promises to the world “We will be the international hi-quality maker for ever”.More
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