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How to reduce new product introduction (NPI) times for a shorter time to market

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Source:Siemens Digital Industries Software

Release Date:2023-03-21


Accelerating new product introduction (NPI) and getting to market faster will continue to challenge chipmakers as new markets emerge and technologies expand demand. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles are driving new market segments outside of the tech industry, shortening lifecycles, and increasing product complexity. If AI and IoT growth continue to materialize as expected, semiconductor companies must be ready to pursue innovations that help their customers take products to a new level. Businesses that can't introduce new products quickly and keep up with demand increase their risk of losing market share to competitors that adapt faster to changing market demands.

Download this ebook to learn more about :

● How product lifecycle management (PLM) can improve semiconductor NPI process

● The benefits of product lifecycle management (PLM) software for semiconductor companies

● Shorten new product introduction (NPI) time and improve innovation

● How to meet consumer demand and accelerate time to market

● Achieve higher product quality and a lower new product introduction time