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TAIPEIPLAS 2016: Efficient Repro-Print Recycling Machine ideal for printed film waste

Source:Ringier Plastics     Date:2016-08-15
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POLYSTAR’s re-engineered “Repro-Print” recycling machine takes center stage at this year’s TAIPEIPLAS. The recycling machine is designed specifically for reprocessing heavily printed film waste. It is capable of processing fully printed PE, PP and BOPP film waste with printed percentage up to 95% on the film surface. With the improved cutter compactor and high efficiency filtration & degassing technology, a very high percentage of the recycled pellets can be put back into film extrusion or injection lines for reprocessing. This particular waste recycling system allows plastic producers to reduce cost of raw material and making recycled pellets from heavily printed material highly reusable.

Since 2014, POLYSTAR has successfully installed more than 50 “ Repro-Print” recycling lines throughout the world; in particular in food and commercial packaging sector. In addition to processing heavily printed film waste, the machine can also process non-printed or lightly printed film without significant change in material property. PP raffia, woven bags and pre-washed film flakes can also be processed with the same machine.

The main advantages of the new “ Repro-Print” recycling machine include improved cutter compactor design for faster and more stable material feeding and improved temperature control mechanism for the cutter compactor ensures that thermal sensitive material (especially heavily printed PP and BOPP) does not melt inside the compactor and creates problems for feeding.  

The machine also features triple degassing where, in addition to the double degassing design in the first extruder, the venting area (the connection between the first and second extruder) is added as a third degassing section to further thoroughly remove the gas of the heavily printed material. This effectively solves the problem of insufficient degassing in a typical recycling line and ensuring that the pellets are properly degassed, and not allow in the middle and fluffy on the outside.

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The re-positioning of filtration before degassing on the extruder is another advantage to ensure a superior degassing effect and eliminates the problem of material blockage at the venting area when processing film waste with excessive print.

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