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Where Electronics Manufacturing Meets Tomorrow

Source:Ringier Trade Media Ltd     Date:2021-05-11
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On 9 June 2021 at 2pm (SGT), Siemens Digital Industries Software will bring together solution experts for "Where Electronics Manufacturing Meets Tomorrow," a virtual conference that obscure the boundaries between industry domains – across physical and digital worlds.         


Amid unprecedented change and the rapid pace of innovation, digitalization is no longer tomorrow's idea. Siemens Digital Industries Software takes what the future promises tomorrow and make it real for customers today.


The virtual conference affords attendees the opportunity to listen and learn from technology experts about the depth of Siemens software offerings across a broad spectrum of industry domains.


Title: Smart Manufacturing to drive operational excellence

Pai Oak.jpgMr. Siew Pai Oak, Head of PreSales, SE Asia will discuss smart  manufacturing, which  enables  electronics  companies to address the challenges of modern manufacturing and deliver more products without compromising on quality and time-to-market by leveraging Siemens Digitalization   technologies. Digitalization eliminates physical prototypes, disconnected systems, paper-based work instructions and silos of information and enables a continuous, integrated flow from Design to planning to production, driving more efficient manufacturing processes across individual sites as well as for global enterprises.

Siemens invites C-Suite: COO, (Exec, Senior) Vice President of Manufacturing, (Exec, Senior) Vice President of Engineering, (Exec, Senior) Vice President of Quality; GM / Business Owner: Vice President / Director of Manufacturing, Vice President / Director of Engineering, Vice President / Director of Quality Program Manager, Production Manager, NPI Manager; Product Users / Admins: Production Planner, Process Planner, Quality Engineer, Simulation Engineer.


Title: The Challenges of RFQ for electronics manufacturing industry

1620704493966302.jpgMr. Teh Tiack Ein, PreSales Solutions Consultant will talk about the difficulties in RFQ. Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies are required to provide quotations for many projects, even those that do not make it into production. Design companies send out several requests for quote (RFQ) and review them to select the best manufacturer for each project. Due to sheer volume, it is imperative that quotations be created accurately and in a timely manner without relying on input from the manufacturing process engineers.

Siemens calls for Supply chain Manager, RFQ/RFP Manager & Engineer, Program Manager, Account Manager, Sales Manager, NPI Manager & Engineer, Buyer & Procurement, Operation Manager, Planner.

Title: Thermal characterization of complex electronics

1620709696313228.jpgDr. Hon Wong, Field Product Manager - Simulation & Testing Solutions will disclose the major cause of electronics system breakdown used to be overheating of critical components. At the hottest points in some of these systems, semiconductor junctions can reach 150 °C or more, getting very close to the limits of their operation. These high temperatures will modify and eventually destroy the circuit operation unless excess heat is removed from the chip. But failure analysis shows that in today's system designs, this is not the only problem. Typical component breakdown can also be caused by repeated thermal transients. Heating and cooling induce shear stresses at the material interfaces in the package structure (die attach, solder joint), which result in delamination, tear off, etc. The lack of heat removal through the resulting diminished contact area can cause thermal runaway.

This lecture is open to engineering directors, development managers, research & development engineers & scientists, simulation specialists.

Title: Multi-Domain Collaboration in the Digital Enterprise

1620709844731122.jpgMr. Vivek Mahajan, PreSales Solutions Consultant will reveal how a digitally connected design flow requires interaction between multiple domains to ensure data is available in the format required by each area. Equally important is that the data exchanges are managed via a PLM system to ensure engineers have access to that data across the enterprise in a controlled way. These interactions are required at multiple points in the design process from system functional definition to printed-circuit board design and down to complete electronic box build system. This session will re-cap the integration points throughout the flow to highlight how the digital thread is maintained. In addition, other use cases will be explored to provide a full picture of the ECAD/MCAD integration capabilities.

Siemens welcomes PCB designers and engineers, Electronic Design System engineers, Mechanical CAD engineers, Engineering Managers and PLM specialists.

Registration for Where Electronics Manufacturing Meets Tomorrow is now open. Visit the event website for more information and to register: https://pheedloop.com/register/siemens060921/attendee/


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