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Dase-Sing: Packaging specialist, valued by global customers

Source:FoodPacific Manufacturing Journa     Date:2021-05-13
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Since 1985, many companies especially in the food, beverage, as well as personal care sectors have benefited from the packaging expertise of Dase-Sing Group, a specialist in automatic rotogravure printing labels and automatic sleever machines.


From day one, Dase-Sing has been invested in R&D, which it considers its strength. And over the years, the Taiwan-based company has earned a reputation for dependable quality when it comes to machines and packaging materials.

“The name Dase-Sing Group conveys reliable and good quality machines with high production efficiency, with low maintenance costs and long service life” said executive assistant, Tony Huang.

In fact, consistent emphasis on R&D has led to the success of Dase-Sing not only in Taiwan and mainland China, but in global markets such as Southeast Asia as well as South America.


Being innovative has allowed the company to grow along with the rapid demand in global food and beverage and personal care, despite tough competition in the packaging sector. This means the company invests in creating new designs and upgrading machine functions, based on customer needs, and especially along with Industry 4.0 trends as manufacturers gear up for digital transformation.


“Continuous design innovation and upgrade of machine functions, especially towards the current Industry 4.0 trend in the automation and data exchange of machineries.  Customer-oriented solutions are geared towards achieving production goals,” according to Mr. Huang.


To date, Dase-Sing offers a variety of models for different price points and considers not only a client’s capacity and capability, but such constraints as factory space as well.

2021-05-Shrink Sleeves-1.jpg


“For potential customers with economical entry level needs, Dase-Sing machines are compactly built and suitable for limited factory space consideration. High-speed sleever machines are also available with Beckhoff or Allen Bradley controls for variable speed production and can be supplied with OPC UA data collection function,” he said.


“The development of our machines and related accessories is focused on the latest market and consumer trends.  For example, now, consumers are increasing their purchase of health products. Because of this, Dase-Sing sees the importance of innovating machine accessories, HMI functions and data collection, related to this trend.”

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There are major consumer trends that are impacting the way packaging companies like Dase-Sing is preparing for the next few years. The effect of the COVID-19 crises on packaging design, material and size, for instance is something that has to be considered because the pandemic has pushed the demand for health products and family size products, among others.


In Asia, which is still the largest market for Dase-Sing, increasing sales of home care and health products will mean increase in the need for packaging equipment, according to Mr. Huang.


Mr. Huang also explained that due to the COVID-19 situation, shoppers are currently shopping less and buying in larger quantities.


“The growing online buying trend also means that manufacturers will emphasise on promotion frequency and optimum product impact. Since the focus is on health products, strategic promotion will use innovative packaging as a major consideration as well.”


A considerable part of Dase-Sing’s machinery and services goes to customers in the beverage industry, which is also experiencing remarkable demand not only for nutritious products, but products in more sustainable packaging.

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