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Ballistic-resistant composite panels at JEC 2024

Avient will be featuring its portfolio of advanced composite materials and engineered fiber solutions at JEC World 2024

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesTechnology

2024-02-26 Avient

Shredding innovations and integrated system solution

Lindner at IFAT 2024: Shredding innovations and integrated system solutions for the mechanical and chemical recycling of valuable materials

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling TechnologyIndustry Updates

2024-02-23 LINDNER

SI group announces strategic partnership with Dingjide in China

Through the strategic partnership, Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical Co., Ltd. will manufacture certain SI Group products in China as a co-producer.

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesSpecial Report

2024-02-22 SI Group

Airborne water recovery through full-scale vapor system

Grupo Lamosa has purchased a full-scale Drupps Vapor system for recovery of water from airborne wastewater, to be installed at one of its ceramic tiles production plants in Peru.

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesTechnology

2024-02-22 Drupps

Advanced electric two-wheeler battery covers

Polyplastics and Selex Motors join forces to advance electric two-wheeler battery covers

Plastics & RubberPlastics Machinery Industry UpdatesAutomation

2024-02-21 Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

Pilot plant for bio-based aniline

Covestro is making another milestone in promoting the Circular Economy through the unique production of bio-based aniline

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesIndustry Focus

2024-02-20 Covestro

Indonesia plastic pipes market growth and future outlook

Ken Research's "Indonesia Plastic Pipes Market Outlook" report predicts a healthy 7.3% CAGR, leading to a substantial $5.8 billion market size by 2027.

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesAnalysis & Reports

2024-02-20 Ken Research

Rosti: Innovative injection moulding systems geared for the Asian market

Rosti has strong capabilities in R&D and injection moulding technologies for various applications

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesInterview/Dialogue

2024-02-20 International Plastics News for Asia

Enzymatic PET biorecycling plant in France

CARBIOS rallies players to promote textile circularity sector in the presence of M. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesSpecial Report

2024-02-19 CARBIOS

Tetra Pak invests to further boost recycling across EU

Tetra Pak's move supports the goals of the proposed EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesSupplier Updates

2024-02-16 Tetra Pak

Green polymer market forecast and opportunities

Green Polymer Market size is to surpass around US$ 74.95 billion by 2030, recording a CAGR of 9.6%, as reported by Coherent MI

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesAnalysis & Reports

2024-02-16 Coherent Market Insights

New partnership unlocks feedstock for planned facility in France

Eastman partners with mechanical recycler Dentis Group/Nord Pal Plast to unlock new feedstock for its planned facility in France

Plastics & RubberPlastics Recycling Industry UpdatesApplication Focus

2024-02-15 Eastman

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