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NEXCOM secures smart factory OT networks with cutting-edge solutions

As Industry 4.0 revolutionizes manufacturing and production, NEXCOM, a global leader in industrial IoT applications, introduces its cutting-edge ISA Series.

Metalworking Automation

2023-12-08 NEXCOM

New Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore to transform production, R&D experience

Hyundai Motor Group opens the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) to accelerate the delivery of the Group's human-centric future mobility vision.

Metalworking Automation

2023-12-08 Hyundai Motor Group

Aluminum Binder Jetting process for mass production

Ricoh also aims to leverage the Additive Manufacturing Network capabilities to digitally transform its process service provision to a wide spectrum of industrial additive manufacturing focused customers

MetalworkingMetal Materials

2023-12-08 Siemens Digital Industries Software

Smart factory at Rittal

The goals of digital transformation in industry are clearly defined. It is about more transparency, knowledge and speed.

MetalworkingIndustrial Robots & Automation Equipment

2023-12-08 Rittal

Workflow in a new dimension

Altair, one of the world's leading computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) companies, has announced the release of HyperWorks 2023.

Metalworking Software & Control

2023-12-08 Altair Engineering

Mastering Cloud incident response: A proactive approach to cybersecurity in ASEAN

The acceleration in the adoption of cloud technology has revolutionised the business landscape, and in doing so, significantly altered the cybersecurity ecosystem.

MetalworkingSoftware & CNC System Special ReportSoftware & Control

2023-12-06 International Metalworking News for Asia

Detect brittle fracture quickly and reliably

The market for fastening parts is increasingly demanding high-strength materials, and special attention must be paid to possible hydrogen embrittlement when electroplating them.

MetalworkingMeasuring & Control System Metrology

2023-12-06 International Metalworking News for Asia

LZH researches laser processes for formable hybrid components

Using expensive materials on high-performance components only where they are needed: This is the vision of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1153 Tailored Forming.

MetalworkingSpecialty Processing (Laser Processing, EDM, Plasma Arc Processing, ECM) Lasers

2023-12-06 Ringier Trade Media Ltd

Shaping the future of manufacturing in 2024

International Metalworking News for Asia presents views from industry experts in different fields, we asked them how these trends are impacting the manufacturing sector and what strategies manufacturers can adopt to thrive in 2024 and beyond.

MetalworkingMetal Forming Machine Tools

2023-12-06 International Metalworking News for Asia

Nikon IMBU presents ultra-high precision solutions

Nikon’s Industrial Metrology Business Unit (IMBU) delivers integrated, optimised, ultra-high precision solutions that are not only customised and cost-effective but also work extremely well as soon as they are implemented.

MetalworkingMeasuring & Control System Tradeshow Preview/Review

2023-12-06 Ringier Trade Media Ltd

Manufacturing Indonesia 2023 highlights sustainable development

Manufacturing Indonesia 2023 has opened its doors today, December 6 until December 9, 2023, at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta.

MetalworkingMetal Forming Machine Tools Tradeshow Preview/Review

2023-12-06 International Metalworking News for Asia

Accelerating the electrification journey: A Conversation with Nand Kochhar and Puneet Sinha

Batteries and electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionising the automotive industry, offering a cleaner, greener, and smarter way of mobility.

MetalworkingSoftware & CNC System Software & ControlInterview/Dialogue

2023-12-05 International Metalworking News for Asia

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