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Reaching the Peak of Precision and Customization ── Diing Kuen's Monofilament Machine

Located in Taiwan, Diing Kuen Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of monofilament extrusion machines. With over 40 years of experience, expertise, and active collaborations with foreign partners, Diing Kuen's monofilament extrusion machines incorporate the latest technology and feature automated control systems, offering user-friend

ChemicalPlastics & Rubber

2023-06-12 Ringier Trade Media

5 tips to solve industrial facility workstation space constraints

Innovative options for mounting, customization, and true mobility can help to maximize usable space and productivity in cramped facilities

ChemicalPlastics & Rubber

2023-04-07 Del Williams

PulPac and PA Consulting launch Bottle Collective to reduce single-use plastic waste

PA Consulting and PulPac formed the Bottle Collective to develop Dry Molded Fiber (DMF) bottles as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles. The project has created functional prototypes, with top brands joining in to continue development and scaling. The manufacturing process requires almost no water and produces a versatile container for various products.

ChemicalPlastics & Rubber

2023-02-27 PulPac

Algae bio-based formulations for colorants and fibers

Avgol® to showcase latest Algaeing™ bio-based colorants and fibers at FILTECH in Cologne


2023-02-10 Avgol

Melt-blown nonwovens market to reach US$13.998Bn by 2027

Global melt-blown nonwovens market to post 7.6% CAGR from 2019-2027, according to a report by Facts and Factors Market Research.


2023-01-12 Facts and Factors Market Research

Confidence in PH high as the Philippine President meets key EU firms

Various European companies have committed expanding and setting up operations to support sustainable and innovative projects in the Philippines.


2022-12-19 BOI InfoComms

How to provide pure raw material for perfect films in food packaging

Industrie Polieco-MPB uses SIKORA's PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED to ensure highest material purity for their adhesives.


2022-12-14 SIKORA

What hinders manufacturing firms from lowering carbon footprint

In an interview with Singapore Business Review, the chairman of Chevron Singapore, Law Tat Win, said that there are still challenges that hinder manufacturing companies from lowering their carbon footprints.


2022-12-06 Tin Hill

Vingroup, Google Cloud to accelerate digital transformation

Vingroup, Vietnam's largest private conglomerate, announced a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to modernize and connect its critical systems and data at a group-wide level.


2022-12-06 Vingroup

3 key themes shaping Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2023

Sustainability, self-adhesive label materials and digital embellishment are educational themes that will be the focus of Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2023.


2022-11-29 Labelexpo

Sustainable plant solutions for the manmade fiber industry in India, Bangladesh

The Swiss Oerlikon Group's Polymer Processing Solutions division will be presenting itself at the ITME 2022 under the banner of 'From Melt to Yarn, Fibers and Nonwovens'.


2022-11-24 Oerlikon

China, Germany highlight cooperation in times of change and instability

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the first EU leader to come to Beijing after the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, paid an official visit to China.


2022-11-08 CGTN

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