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KSH200: Machine for large volume containers

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Happi China

Ever since its first publication nearly ten years ago, Happi China has become a leading publication in China's household and personal care industry, providing an effective and comprehensive platform for the decision makers of outsourcing, R&D and marketing in this prosperous industry.


Nonwovens Industry China

Nonwovens Industry China, in a strategic editorial partnership with the world's leading information provider, Nonwovens Industry, and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, has been providing in depth coverage of latest technologies, industry trends, solutions and applications for the nonwovens industry for the past 12 years.


White Paper

How to adapt a multi-disciplinary approach to product development

The cascading effect of technological evolution, rising and changing consumer expectations, and constant product innovation is forcing brands to reconsider their entire approach to development and manufacturing. With product availability, performance, and sustainability being top priorities for CG organizations, a multidisciplinary approach is required.


Product Lifecycle Management for Machine Builders

Manufacturers are producing products of varying size, color, material and use to satiate consumer demands


A day in the life: Adopting a holistic approach for operations control and visibility

Digital technology has improved industrial operations in countless ways. 


10 Must Do's for small-to medium-sized manufacturers

Manufacturing companies must operate as lean as possible to maintain profitability and a healthy bottom line. My nearly five years at Global Shop Solutions has put the magnificence of the manufacturing industry front and center in my life. Everything around us, at some point in time, was touched by a human hand – it is truly amazing to think about. I feel fortunate that my role provides the unique opportunity to spend time with owners, presidents, and key personnel at many of our thousands of customers across the 25+ countries and 20+ industries Global Shop Solutions serves. I spend the majority of this precious time simply listening to what makes their businesses lean, efficient, and successful.